New electric motor

New electric motor line WEG emits fewer carbon gas atmosphere

WEG brand has developed an electric motor line induction called W22 which is a great solution for reducing waste. This electric motor uses less power, generates less noise and less vibration when in operation and is more reliable and have more hours available to operate.

This electric motor Carlisle 4L800 line W22 has three versions that are IR2; IR3 and IR4 Premium Super Premium. All this electric motor line was created with the aim of hitting the marks specified in ABNT NBR 17094-1 and also meet the ordinance 553 which deals with the Energy Efficiency Act.

Thus, the electric motor line W22 will have a loss between 10 and 40% lower than the electric motor models that are on the market and this will result in an effective reduction of expenditure on electricity and carbon emissions.